Monday, January 01, 2007

hey all,err dunno what to blog abt lehs =X now so damn bored..oh well 1 more day and its sch,sians..oh well at least get to make some new friends and all,dunno what to type abt liao,cyas and happy new year

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    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    hey all,so sec sch is starting soon eh?si bei jialat yes i know but just try your best lahs..cant be that bad =X haiz so bored now,dunno why my internet lagging,cannot play wow =( guess i will blog abt today lors,i went to zone x change at jurong point at 9am to play initial d today,played till 12 then went to marina square to meet some other friends and watch death note 2...quite ok but the ending stinks zzz..den after that i went home again some other time ..

    signing off
    > . | JaMES =P

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    Friday, December 22, 2006

    ok.. so i havent been posting in a long time,kinda forgot all about blogging,oh well anyway,merry x-mas to all altho i am not really in the mood to celebrate it..hmm the last post was on 2 dec and i cant possibly type everything out from 2 dec - 22 dec or even remember in fact so i guess i will start off with this week,monday i didnt do anything,just stayed at home and slacked,tuesday i went to bugis and watched eragon,kinda like LOTR and pretty okay but the ending sucked badly -.- then wednesday i went to play bball in sch at 8.30 in the MORNING YES IN THE MORNING,believe it =P then i went to marina square with thad and mark,ate carls jr =S, then for thursday,went to collect the posting results and after that i followed gerry and gerald to eat a snack at far east plaza,went to KFC ate cheese fries and drank pepsi .. havent been eating there for quite a while,then today i went with thad and mark to jurong point to play intial d,got my 3rd star there =P ..after we played for a while i went to the food court and ordered old cucumber soup and rice as a snack then i ate and went to play 2 more games before i went home and to my grandmothers house for dinner damn tired now,guess i am gonna sleep,talk to you all tomorrow i guess

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    Saturday, December 02, 2006

    zzz..stop saboing me leh -.- well anyway heres the quiz i got saboed to do -

    1.Full Name:Mok Yong Hong,James
    2. Name:James
    3. Were you named after someone? : dunno =o
    4. Meaning of name: dunno =X
    5. Nickname: jam
    6. Stage Name:lol i am no artiste
    7. DOB: 14/6
    8. Place of Birth:singapore lor -.-
    9. Nationality:a TYPICAL singaporean
    10. Current location:ehh com room?
    11. Starsign:gemini
    12. Religion:christian
    13. Height:last time i took was 163 now i think 165 liao :D
    14. Weight:45kg(yeah lah i know i am very heavy dun need say -.-)
    15. Shoe Size:UK 8
    16. Hair Color: Black
    17. Eye Color:black.
    18. Who do you look like? : dunno,some say i look like my father some say i look like my mother -.-
    19. Inner or outtie: ehh..depends on my mode..
    20. Lefty or rightie: rightie
    21. Gay/bi/straight or others?: ROFL,nope nt gay lah -.- i like a gal
    22. Best Friends:gerry,cus,keane,mark and a lot of others lah,lazy to type o.O
    23. Best Frend you trust most:asswipe #1
    24. Favourite pals:a lot..
    25. Best friend of opp sex:dun really have leh =X almost all so irritating =.=,i think my jie ba?
    26. Best buddies:a lot..
    27. Boyfriend/girlfriend: no comment...
    28. Crush:i like only 1 gal..
    29. Parents: diao,2 parents lah -.-
    30. Enemy: satan and osama?
    31. Favourite online guy:dunno
    32. Favourite online girl:dunno
    34. Craziest friends:hav a lot of crazy friends..
    35. Advise friends:i can give advise but i suck at the real thing ...
    36. Loudest gd friends should know who =p
    37. Person you cry with:myself?
    38. Sis:dun hav,only hav sworn sis
    39. Bro:dun hav =X
    40. Pets:none
    41. ANy diseases?:lovesick counted?
    42. Pager: lol so outdated -.-
    43. Personal foneline:not telling -.-
    44. Cellphone:not telling -.-
    45. Lava lamp: dun hav
    46. Pool or hot tub?:hot tub (x
    47. Car: ehh,mazda rx-7 [fd3s] and one lancer in intial d
    48. Personality:dunno?
    49. Driving?:cant wait to learn :P
    50. Dream car:mazda rx-7 [fd3s] <3
    51. Room: ehh..quite messy
    52. What is missing?:missing those times..
    53. Sch:ACS :D(yeah lah i know its gay but its still deserves a :D cause its my sch)
    54. Bed:KING SIZE , lol jk,single lor..
    55. Relationship with parents: ok ba
    56. Believe in yourself:dun really believe in myself..sad right?i know :(
    57. Believe love at first sight:nope
    58. Good listener:i wish i was or i wouldnt hav lost everything
    59. Get along well with parents?:yea
    60. Save msn conversations?:yeah
    61. Pray:yep
    62. Believe in recarnation:nope,one life , live it :D lol jkjk..
    63. Make fun on people:YES :D
    64. Likes talking on phone:depends who lor
    65. Want to get married: when i older -.-
    66. Want to drive? : YES
    67. Motion sickness: nope
    68. Eat stem of broccoli:yeah?
    69. Eat chicken with fork:yeah,hate getting my hands oily
    70. Dream color:black and blood red?
    71. Type in ur fingers in home roll:wad talking you?
    72. Sleep with stuffed toys:lol no
    73. Next to you now is a:the wall?
    74. Walls of your room: plain white
    75. On your mousepad: mouse lah,lame -.-
    76. Dream car:wth -.- just nw ask le
    77. Dream date:i am a faithful guy :D
    78. Dream honeymoon spot: o.O anywhere she wants to go lor..
    79. Dream husband/wife:no comment =X
    80. Bedtime: depends,sometimes slp at 12 MN sometimes slp at 6 AM?
    81. Under your bed:floor
    82. Single most important questions:bu zhi dao
    83. Bad time of the day:dunno
    84. Worst fear:no fear since my worst fear came already..
    85. The weather: cloudy?
    86. Time: 2.16 AM
    87. Date: 3/12/2006
    88. Best trick did on someone:forgot
    89. Theme song:dun have
    90. Hardest time of growing:being sad...
    91. Funniest experience:hen duo leh
    92: Scariest experience:forgot
    93. Silliest thing i have said:cha,yes thats an insult to you,gerry :P lol jkjk..
    94. Most despo & funniest thing i hav said in front of de opp sex:confidential , and the funniest,bu zhi dao leh =o
    95. Scariest thing when you are with your friends:leave me out
    96. Worst feeling:out of love and being sad?
    97. Best feeling:none.
    -whoever want to do lah..too many to list out -.-

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    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    hey all..nothing much to blog about,but i just wanna tell you guys,cherish what you have now before its all gone and regret..

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    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    hey all,havent been posting in a long time.well nothing much has really happen as for events but i am just confused now lah.well yeah shawn came back from taiwan i think..well i guess will blog about today,went to plaza sing to watch 007,ROFL the movie was friggin will get what i mean when you watch it =P then went to play arcade and then went home. now i am so bored =/ 3.15 but cant sleep..nobody online..haiz..well i kana sabo-ed to to this quiz so i will just post;

    The Se7eN quiz

    7 things that make me smile;
    1)Someone (x
    4)Initial D
    5)New Clothes
    6)Stuff I Want

    7 expectations to win my heart
    ehh this one i dont know how to answer =/
    i go for feelings.

    7 things i believe in;
    1)God (:
    2)True love
    3)Practice makes perfect
    4)Nothing is impossible
    5)Never giving up
    6)Giving and not expecting anything in return
    7)It takes 2 hands to clap

    7 things i am afraid of;
    1)Losing her
    5)Losing my friends
    6)Being alone
    7)Being sad all the time

    7 people i want to see now;
    5)Famous people?
    6)Close net friends
    7)Close people?

    7 things i do everyday;
    6)Drink water

    7 people i would choose to do this;

    oh btw,keane you delete your blog ??
    well gonna try to sleep now,night all =)

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    Monday, November 13, 2006

    hey all..finally decided to post =/ haiz this few days i am very confused =/neway, think i will blog about yesterday,went to vivo to catch a was quite ok but i was quite nervous for some reason which you all have to find out yourselves :P then after that we went to the lame damn boring...zzz...when the rest was playing,went to long john silvers to buy food cause i was starving..but knn,waited like HALF AN HOUR for the grilled chicken wrap,by the time it came i already finished my coke -.- well but quite worth the wait lah,the wrap was quite shuang (x then went to the skypark or whatever they call it,hung around there till 6.30 then went back home =P hmm found this thing on my friends' friends' blog,guess i will copy :P

    Message: can u name 11 people u can think of right off the top of ur head ? don't read da question underneath until u rite da names of all 11 people . this is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list da name first . NO CHEATING !
    11.joel did u meet 10 ? [ryan]
    ~ 5D =]

    2.wad would u do if u have never met 6 ? [marcus]
    ~ life would be boring without him (x

    3.have you ever seen 4 cry ? [keane]
    ~ ehh..never see him cry before..zzz

    4.wad will u do if 6 and 2 dated ? [marcus&gerry]
    ~ ROFL..cant date unless their homo but their not,both got gf liao.. u think 1 is pretty ? [sally]
    ~ confidential..zzzz...

    6.tell me smth about number 11 . [joel]
    ~ ehh..joel chong ahs..another asswipe jkjk..umm quite funny and irritating at times,one of my good pals,plays wow oso (x do you knoe 8 ? [shawn]
    ~ lols same class in p1,p2,p5,p6

    8.would u ever go on a date wif number 5 ? [bonnie]
    ~ LOL..forget it sias,date such an ugly gal,lol jie dont kill me if your reading this :P neway,no,shes just a sworn sister and she has a bf and most importantly,i dont like her,i like someone else (x

    9.wad's 7 favourite colour ? [mark]
    ~ ehh..marks fav colour?should be black right?

    1o.wad would u do if 2 confessed tt she liked u ? [gerry]
    ~ ROFL,i would start avoiding him,i am not homo =/

    11.Fact about 9 : [thaddeus]
    ~ good pal,good and in fact best in our basketball team..quite generous oso,always treat us go out =P

    12.who is 6 goin out wif ? [marcus]
    ~ umm..cus,since everybody knoe liao i can type right? i type with stars lah or else wait you hamtam me :S y*****a

    13.who is number 5 to u ? [bonnie]
    ~ hmm my understanding me solve my problems and cheers me up when i am sad ^_^

    14.would u ever live wif 11 ? [joel]
    ~ OMG NO WAY,i think i will go nuts if i live with him >.> 2 single ? [gerry]
    ~ nope,so sorry gals,my best friend taken liao =/ much does 3 mean to u ? [gerald]
    ~ one of my best friends,can be quite mature and immature,altho sometimes he pisses me off -.-

    17.wad do u think about 1 ? [sally]
    ~ ehh..once again,confidential (x

    18.wads da best thing bout number 8 ? [shawn]
    ~ hmm..his cheeks are really pinchable(ROFL),altho i stop pinching cause mark says its gay -.-

    19.wad do u dislike about number 10 ? [ryan]
    ~ ryan ah..ehh dun solo so much in basketball :P

    20. 11 ppl tt i wan dem to do .
    ~ dun really understand this ques,just hope we all remain good friends :)
    Name 20 people you can think of right now.
    Don't read the following question(s) until you've named the 20 people.
    At the end of this, choose 5 people to do this.
    1. sally
    2. marcus
    3. keane
    4. gerry
    5. gerald
    6. joel
    7. thaddeus
    8. wesley
    9. mark
    10. ryan
    11. shawn
    12. ian
    13. bonnie
    14. eugene
    15. david
    16. walther
    17. gwen
    18. yolanda
    19. dragon(fer those not sure its kimberleys DD)
    20. kimberley

    How did you meet #14: [eugene] hmm in 5D i guess..dun really know him till p6 tho :P

    What would you do if you didn't meet #1: [sally] zzz..confidential agan..

    What if #9 and #20 dated: [dragon&kimberley]kao this thing damn zun sia..neway, fated to be together,but running away from fate

    Would #6 and #17 stead : [joel&gwen] umm...better not say much abt this..

    Describe #3: [keane] hmm..kea?one of my best friends and the forever funny guy,and rude oso(just take my drink and drink -.-)

    Describe #8: [wesley] ehh..tallest in the basketball team,and NEVER fails to ask me to go to church along with mark >.>

    Describe #7: [thaddeus] describe him in the one on top already

    #12's family members: [ian] hmm know his bro and parents =p

    What would you do if #18 confesses to you that he/she likes you: [yolanda] dun care her lah..she xiao zha bo de..

    What languages does #15 speak: [david] chinese and english =p

    Who is #9 going out with: [mark] noone sitll single,lets quote one of his lao gu dong phrases "we are too young for this(having gf/bf)"

    How old is #16: [walther] same as me,but my age is a mystery (x

    When is the last time you spoke to#13: [bonnie] cant rmb,very long never talk to her

    Who is #2's favorite bands/singers: [marcus] ehh..shud be yellowcard and simple plan right?

    Would you ever date #4 : [gerry] WTF is with this thing ??the previous one oso ask same thing -.- AND NO I AM NOT HOMO -.-

    Would you ever date #1: [sally] for me to know and for you to find out =]

    is #19 single: [dragon] yeah..but soon he wont be .. :P

    What's #10's last name: [ryan] hmm,i write 2 ryans to save space,TAN/WEE

    Would you ever be in a relationship with #11 : [shawn] no,-.- not homo like i said

    Which School is #3 in: [keane] acs primary :D

    Where does #6 live [joel] mt.faber lodge,near my grandmothers house and a school :P

    What is your favourite thing about #5 : [gerald] hmm..the way he scold people,LOL seriously,not kidding ..

    Have you seen #2 naked: [marcus] WTF?DUMB QUES SIAS..OF COURSE NOT LAH..zzz

    haha,this quiz is quite ok..if you want do dont look at ques then insert name,i really didnt look at ques and random insert name de..kk..gtg..cya all in sch

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